Player Roster

This is a list of all the High School Players who made the 2011-2012 Hockey Team.  We appreciate all the effort and hard work.  It was a difficult decision.  Any player not on the list who would like some feedback, please come to the locker room between 6:30 and 7:00pm.  Thanks again, it was great to see so many players try-out for the HS team.  We hope to see you around the rink as you continue to play the great game of Hockey.

Anderson, Nick
Allan, Jared
Anderson, Colton
Balz, Jarrid
Burridge, Blake
Cass, Jake
Cates, Blake
Cates, Devin
Clark, Josh
Click, Rob
Cotter, Paul
Courteau, Patrick
Danford, Connor
Eder-Zdechlik, Zach
Fedie, Zach
Flicker, Jeff
Fronczak, Matthew
Gosso, Peyton
Harris, Dylan
Heddle, John
Hosch, Payton
Johnston, Connor
Jungmann, Brandon
Kasinak, Aaron
Kohanek, Blake
Legato, Jake
Lillehei, Lars
Litchke, Austin
Lorbiecki, Larry
Peterson, Jon
Peterson, Nick
Randazzo, CJ
Reinke, Mitch
Reiter, Robert
Sagissor, Sam
Smith, Chad
Stotts, Wyatt
Wagner, Billy